Better sustainability – straws

Based on photographic evidence from my very own Instagram account, it is clear to see that I have been a sucker for a straw for many years without really thinking about it.

Every cocktail, mocktail, smoothie, juice or milkshake I’ve ordered has come with at least one straw (sometimes two or three!)


Unfortunately, when it comes to plastic straws, the facts suck. The last straw for me was learning that in America, 500 million straws are used PER DAY (!

Also I realised that it was ridiculous that a straw I used for the time it took me to have a drink would end up in the ground for approximately 450 years!

In an ex-straw-dinary turn of events I decided to make a change.

I had read online that you can buy reusable metal and glass straws. I decided to buy a pack of 4 glass straws and was eager to try them out!

When my delivery arrived, I was pleased to see the straws were snugly packed in a small cardboard box (“no over-packaging here!” I said to myself with a smile). Once I opened the box I discovered that the straws were individually wrapped in a thin layer of single-use plastic (*sighs*) which I removed and regretfully put in the bin (the exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve!)


My first ‘strawkward’ experience:

Standing in the queue waiting to order a smoothie with no straw for the first time did make me feel a bit nervous and awkward. Was it a strange request? Would they think I was mad? I just had to suck it up and get on with it.

I decided that I would say “no straw please, I’ve got my own, thanks.” Luckily it went down well with no strange looks or questions. Not as ‘strawkward’ as I had imagined.

After I finished my smoothie, I realised I had to somehow put the glass straw back in my bag to take home to reuse! Of course I was wondering if anyone else in the café would see me wrapping up a glass straw in a tissue, putting said straw in my bag, and think I was strange. In actual fact, no one looked and no one cared (luckily)!


After months of perfecting my new straw habit, I have gone from feeling ‘strawkward’ to ‘strawesome’ and it’s great!


Here’s a lovely tray of drinks I ordered from SevernShed with no straws.


You can order reusable straws from,, and many more if you search online. J

Cheers to plastic-free straws!

Love Lucy Rose

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