Better fashion – People Tree


When I decided to stop buying high street ‘fast’ fashion, I knew that People Tree was going to become a firm favourite. I wasn’t wrong. As you’ll be aware from my previous post about them, People Tree are one of the most ethical options around for those who want to wear contemporary pieces of clothing, safe in the knowledge that both the planet and the people involved in making them have been fairly treated. Their website gives really comprehensive insight into their supply chain and their founder, Safia Minney, is a pioneer and hero in the world of sustainability and slow fashion.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAlthough I’m a big People Tree fan, you’ll notice that this is only my second post about them. The reason for this is that I’ve completely changed my mindset when it comes to shopping. In the past I was so easily tempted by the pretty and cheap clothes all around me. Supermarkets were my weakness. I would regularly come home with a new top/dress/pair of shoes, when all I’d meant to do was top up on baked beans. Now however, if bying new, I only buy from companies who I believe are treating the world and their workers with respect. Because such clothes are less immediately available, and indeed are far more expensive, I have reduced my consumption dramatically. My wardrobe has slimmed right down and I only buy something if I truly need it or really love it. And if it’s fair-trade of course.


SAM_2113.jpgIn all honesty, People Tree is a little out of my price range but thankfully, as I mentioned before, they do an excellent sale. I picked up the dress featured here for a mere £25! I’d been looking at it for a few weeks, trying to decide if it fell into the ‘really love’ category. I kept revisiting it and didn’t let myself give in to impulse. When I found myself thinking about it whilst eating my lunch one day, I knew it was special.

I did have one lingering reservation through, which was the high neckline. As I’m a little on the busty side, I’ve never felt that this line does me any favours, tending to make me look quite chunky. However, here, with the well tailored fit and  flattering sleeves, I pretty pleased with the way it looks. Of course, I absolutely love the fitted waste and A-line skirt – a favourite style of mine for a long time. The organic cotton is, as always, a pleasure to hear and the finish of the dress is top quality.

So far I’ve been quite inseparable from this dress. I’ve worn it to work a number of times, to the pub, out for lunch, out for dinner and around the house. Here, I am wearing it with brogues but I’ve also worn it with chunkier boots and love that look as well. In the summer I know it’ll work with bare legs and pumps or sandals so I can definitely wear it all year round. Well done People Tree – another winner!SAM_2115.jpg



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