Better experiences – Macramé workshop

As a result of trying to live as sustainably and ‘zero-waste’ as possible, I have been choosing to spend my time and money on experiences rather than buying things I don’t need.

I wanted to invest some time and money into learning a new skill and making something home-made, unique and meaningful for my house. I booked on to a macramé plant pot hanger workshop with Jen, owner of Knots and Shots, which took place at Cosies Wine Bar, Bristol (other workshop venues are available – see website for details).

The atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly, and in no time at all we were drinking tea and chatting away. Due to the fact Jen teaches small groups, it meant it was easy to make friends, as well as have 1:1 help and demonstrations if we needed it. Here we used natural jute string and we learnt the ‘square knot’, ‘square knot sennit’ and ‘spiral knotting technique’. We were able to choose a bead to add to our plant pot hanger from a range of beads. Some of the beads Jen uses are upcycled from jewellery from charity shops which I think is amazing!


I enjoyed making my plant pot so much that I booked onto the other workshop Jen runs: macramé wall hanging!

20171021_105657-1Here we learnt the ‘larks head knot’, experimented with the ‘horizontal double half hitch’ and mastered the ‘square knot’. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the macramé wall hanging workshop due to Jen’s excellent teaching and guidance, and I now have it proudly displayed at home!


If you would like to support Jen’s independent Bristol business, you can follow her facebook page ‘Knots and Shots’, see her Instagram @knots_and_shots and find details about her upcoming workshops on

Also, Jen’s lovely macramé is stocked at the following places; Wild Leaf Bristol, Café Jackalope, Gravel Pit Bristol, CoExist ‘In House’, Blaze, Wise Beans, Jewellery Lane and Trowbridge Museum Gift Shop.

#moremomentslessstuff      #experiencesnotthings

L x

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