Better Christmas – rent a tree!

There’s something so sad about seeing a browning, lifeless Christmas tree hanging out a wheelie bin, piled up by the curb side or being squashed in a skip in the new year, don’t you think?

xmas tree

So last Christmas I decided to rent my Christmas tree. Yes – rent! I enjoyed a real, living, happy Christmas tree in my home over the Christmas period and returned it in January to get replanted!

The great news is, you still have time to order your Christmas tree now for this Christmas! Through their ‘rental claus’ website page, the wonderful company Cotswold Fir offer 3, 4, 5 and 6 foot tall rental trees at reasonable prices. The price includes a £15 deposit which you get back in January when you return your tree.

In Bristol, you can collect your tree from Hamilton House and return it to the same place, which I found really convenient.

I chose a 4 foot Christmas tree and decorated it with homemade upcycled decorations made from leftover wedding ribbons and fabric.


Compared to other trees I have had before, I felt more emotionally invested in my real, living Christmas tree (it’s an emotional time of year guys!) I enjoyed watering it, which didn’t take long at all and, best of all, I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing my tree would be replanted to grow a little bit taller and be rented again the next year. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Click here to order yours!

Time now for me to order mine… exciting!! L x




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